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Our complimentary consultations take approximately 30 minutes, and are designed to help you make the most informed decision.

Starting a new business or wish to streamline your current systems? Have you been asked by your boss to come up with a system for your new department but do not know where to start? Looking at how to get the most from your website or company intranet?

Do not fear! Simply complete the form found below or on the contact page and one of our team will contact you for either a discussion or a face to face consultation - FREE!

Success Step #1

Answer these questions about your business:

  • why do you want a website, CRM or SharePoint Intranet?
  • how will your website or SharePoint Intranet help you achieve your business goals?
  • how long before you make a Return on your Investment (ROI)?
  • how much extra income will the system generate?
  • what do you need your website or SharePoint Intranet to do now and in the future?
  • what pages and elements are essential for your website success?
  • what technologies are best suited to your website or SharePoint Intranet strategy?
  • how will your website or SharePoint Intranet be equipped to develop as your business grows and changes?
  • is your best solution a package or a custom design?
  • how can your website be designed to help differentiate you from your competition?
  • what will define your web strategy success?
  • would systemising or creating business process automation important you you?

Success Step #2

Get Konsult to help you answer the above questions. We’ve been providing website and SharePoint Intranet consulting services to help businesses define and implement their web solutions for over 13 years. We know how to plan for success and how to make it happen.

We have done it for ourselves and can do it for you too!

Success Step #3

Call Konsult on 1300 308 210 to arrange your FREE consultation.
Remember, we live and breathe this stuff, so not only will we provide excellent advice, we’ll be just as motivated and excited about your website success as you are.

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Free Consultation Application

Please complete your application form below. Please note that due to the high amount of requests Konsult has the right to refuse any consultation that we feel may not be a good fit. Face to face consultations will only be held on at our head office on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Online meetings can be arranged via Go To Meeting and will be instigated by Konsult. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

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