System Support

Corporate Level - SLA Support - Peace of Mind

Let’s face it - professional in-house web designers and IT system administrators are expensive. And on top of their salaries you have all the overheads like software, hardware and training. Konsult provides a cost effective way to keep your system supported: outsource to us.

Support Benefits

Konsult’s Support Agreements give you all the benefits of having a professional web designer on staff and more:

Affordable: You’ll pay for professional staff at less than what you would pay an in-house staff member including overheads.
Expert: You’ll get the added benefit of access to a whole team of experienced and qualified professionals including graphic artists, animators, specialist web copywriters, web designers, system administrators, consultants and developers.
Available: 99% of the time the support requests will be scheduled to start within 3 working days. Top priority will apply to situations where the system is unavailable.
Reliable: Our Service Level Agreements will give you peace of mind that the service you receive will be of the highest quality.

Full Support

While the Web Design Magic Maintenance Agreements provide HTML and basic website changes, our Konsult Support Agreements go further to provide a full range of additional support including:
  • General Support
  • Problem Resolution
  • General Maintenance
  • Software Development Consulting

Fast Support

Konsult Support Agreements guarantee fast results – even the most complex requirements will begin within 3 days of lodging a request.

Simple Support

You’ll have access to a system that will allow you to log, track and monitor your service requests and the actual time spent fulfilling them. The system is simple and you’ll always have full visibility.

Affordable Support

Our Support Agreements are affordable for small and large businesses alike because they are tailored to suit any sized organisation. Entry level is only 52 hours per year, with additional blocks of 20 hours available to purchase.

Don't Wait until it's too Late

Keep your system updated and running smoothly by signing up for a Support Agreement before you lose business.

Service Level Agreements = Peace of Mind

Konsult's Service Level Agreements provide a commitment to first-rate and fast service. You can rest easy knowing your website will be maintained and supported to the level of support we've agreed to.

Here are 3 easy ways to sign up:

  1. download our Support Agreement brochure and application form
  2. call us toll free on 1300 308 210
  3. complete the online proposal form