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It’s a pretty planet, isn’t it?

When looking at our Earth like this it’s a wonderful place,
however, if you can see what it looks like from the perspective of a hacker,
then things don’t look so pretty.

See how many Cyber Security breaches are happening now!

Constant attempts are being made to ruin your day, your business and maybe your life.
Cyber security breaches are at their worst and it doesn’t look like getting any better,
unless you decide to protect yourself in a more proactive way. 

Konsult helps companies test their website security. Working close with the organisation
Konsult performs Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Tests and Essential 8 Security Audits.
This way the organisation knows how vulnerable their website is, allowing them to fix the issues and stop cyber criminals.

Apply now for a free consultation to discuss if your Kentico or Sitecore website is vulnerable.

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Kentico MVC Roadmap

Kentico EMS futureproofs your projects with its transition to the MVC-only development model,
cheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. Support for projects built on Portal Engine will
continue till end of 2022. This guide provides all the information and resources you need to help
you successfully migrate your websites to the MVC development model.

MVC Adoption Graph

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Your project will be a success... If you get the project planning right. Fail to Plan you Plan to Fail.


During a Kentico CMS project, Konsult Project Management is a way to ensure success.


Once the project has been delivered, a consultant can guide you through feature implementation.


Konsult can help you design and kick goals via regular consulting and coaching.


Your CMS is like any software, vulnerable if not maintained. Stay secure with regular upgrades.


Worry free, fully managed cloud Azure hosting for Kentico CMS or Kentico EMS.

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