About Konsult

Konsult helps with the success of IT Internet based projects

Why Konsult?

The primary goal of Konsult is to assist organisations to successfully implement and manage complicated content management system by providing hands on consulting and service.

Failure is typically because one or more of the following is not met:

  • project budget is unrealistic
  • project timeline is unrealistic
  • project requirements or features are not work shopped or discussed
  • project management is poor or non existent
  • poor knowledge of available technology

At Konsult we have over 19 years experience with IT projects. Our parent company, WDM, has a wealth of experience working with government departments, corporate organisations and small to medium enterprises and it was from here that we noticed a need to provide a service to assist with IT Internet based projects like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Kentico Content Management Systems to reduce the chance of project failure.

We reduce this risk of failure, not with miracle software or expensive systems, but instead with proven project management technologies like work shopping, planning and documenting as well as providing real life experiences on “what not to do” and “what to do well”.

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Our System

Below is our product system and shows you our service range. Please select a service that best suits your requirement. If your unsure then please contact us for a Free Consultation.

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