Just like every computer, Kentico requires updates. Many website managers ignore the importance of keeping up with the latest version of Kentico.

Why you avoid Kentico upgrades;

  • Kentico Upgrades require a developer
  • Because they can be time-intensive
  • Require carefull planning
  • Have a financial investment

Why you MUST perform Kentico upgrades;

  • Avoid security vulnerabilites allowing hackers to exploit your CMS and gain administrator access
  • Staying current with the latest version of Kentico is the best way to ensure that your site is as feature-rich, and supported

Konsult assists Kentico upgrades by;

  • Estimating Kentico Upgrade costs
  • Planning upgrades
  • Deploying upgrades
  • Syncronise data
  • Testing
  • Training

Konsult assists Kentico security by;

  • Performing Kentico Security Audits
  • Identifying Security Best Practices before a developer starts
  • Perform Kentico Penetration Testing after a developer finishes

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