Posted 14 Nov 2019

Monash IVF patients receive bogus emails after 'malicious cyber attack' on fertility company

A national fertility business attached to clinics in six Australian states and territories has admitted its email system has been subjected to a "malicious cyber attack".
Posted 14 Nov 2019

How to Encourage Visitors to Share Actionable Data with You

We all know that personal data is crucial for true customer nurturing. When we harness actionable insights from our customer, we do so with the intent to strengthen our relationship with them by delivering truly relevant and unique experiences. But how can you encourage visitors to share actionable data in the first place?

Like the parent that has to persuade its child into eating his greens... “Three more peas, then you can jump straight to dessert.” ...we have to encourage our customers to give up some of their personal data in order for us to make magic for them. And just as the parent that spends hours at the table making airplane noises, we ask…

Posted 14 Nov 2019

Why Digital Experiences Should Be at the Center of Your Marketing

In a world where customer experience will soon overtake price and product as a key differentiator, the customer is more empowered than ever before. Delivering the personalized customer experienceㅡa timely stream of ever-relevant and ever-consistent messages across all channels and devicesㅡis no longer considered exceptional, but essential.
Posted 14 Nov 2019

The latest trend in ad tech fraud: Faking GDPR consent strings

The digital ad industry has been on tenterhooks since the Information Commissioner’s Office released its warning report to ad tech in June, which stated the current way data is used for real-time bidding isn’t legal under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Since then, publishers and vendors have been going back over their compliance strategies, and more audits are being undertaken to check if all as it should be. Some of these audits are highlighting dodgy practices, like fraudulent consent strings.

Posted 14 Nov 2019

Accelerate Your Agency with a Digital Experience Platform

In the world of online experience creation, client demands continue to grow. And rightly so. They know what a competitive market it is out there, and they know they need to be delivering the best customer experience they can if they want that competitive advantage. But how can you as an extension of their in-house marketing team help?