Posted 30 Apr 2019

2018 Kentico Site of The Year Winner!

The annual Kentico Site of the Year competition seeks out the best Kentico implementations made worldwide. This year Konsult has had the absolute pleasure of winning Site of the Year for Best Kentico Online Marketing Implementation. Konsult have achieved this by showcasing all the out-of-the-box features that Kentico offers, demonstrating just what Konsult can do for your business!
Posted 01 Feb 2019

Internet of Things – a Whole New Customer Experience

Internet of Things (IoT): anything that can be connected to the Internet will be connected. Big deal… Actually, it’s huge. If you’re evenly slightly interested in delivering a great customer experience, you’ll want to be in the know when it comes to IoT.
Posted 03 Dec 2018

Kentico 12, Code Name Raptor, Has Arrived!

For 14 years now, Kentico has been focusing on providing you with the best way to work with content. In this day and age, information is everywhere, and experience, has become everything. Kentico 12, the latest release of our flagship product, is focused on providing marketers with tools to design and deliver cross-channel experiences and developers with a platform built on MVC technology.
Posted 22 Nov 2018

Kentico 12, Raptors, Documentation, and Training

The Raptor is finally coming, so it's time to learn more about the Mesozoic era. How does the documentation reflect our MVC-first approach? Are the training courses going to be revamped to reflect MVC development? And the most worrisome of them all... What's the connection between a velociraptor and deinonychus?
Posted 01 Nov 2018

How MVC Development with Kentico 12 Will Help Your Business

You’ve heard that MVC is the future. You’ve heard about all the great MVC functionality coming in Kentico 12. Your CTO tells you any other technology is just pointless. But what are the real benefits of using MVC for your business? In this article, I’m going to give you five big reasons why you need to start thinking of when and how you’re going to start using MVC for your Kentico projects.